DIY wrapping paper craft.

eco gift wrapping ideas

Getting new wrapping paper each Christmas is old news. DIY wrapping paper is the new way to make presents look fab and really unique. Let your creativity run wild.

Here are the top ways we like to wrap our presents.

Dried flowers: Dried flowers, leaves, seeds. Anything really. Forage your garden for pretty things and dry them in your cupboard. Or use them fresh!

Pressed flowers: Grab yourself a flower press and create some pretty pressed flower decorations. This is fun to do and you will get addicted haha.

Buy flower press

flower press

Kid's paintings: If your house is like ours, we have so many paintings that Lenny has created. You can use these to wrap presents to give a personal touch to them!

Dried fruit: Dried slices of citrus look so pretty strung to a present. They also look great as a DIY bunting. 

Reuse old wrapping paper: Don't throw out wrapping paper once used. Collect it all and put away for the next birthday or Christmas. You'll save money and a tree or two.

DIY wrapping paper ideas.

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