About Us

Conscious Mae grew from a passion to care for Mother Nature, a love of beautiful, locally made things and my inspiration that brought it all to life – my daughter, Lenny Mae.

My name is Jackie and welcome to Conscious Mae. A dream of mine was to create an online space where people could purchase ethically created, Australian made products that were plastic-free. My love of stationery led me to create my own sustainable range which has been dreamed, planned, illustrated and created by myself and put into this world for nature lovers.

I have a strong pull towards nature and the desire to protect and preserve her. I want to ensure that I do my part in the preservation of our earth for our babies, and their babies' babies! 

I have always had a passion to support local makers; my own sister is a talented potter and her passion and love for her ceramic creations is undeniable.
I believe that every purchase we make can have an impact. Even if we just swapped one purchase to something more consciously made, we can make a difference. Not only for the environment, but for our local makers.

My background is creative and marketing. Having worked in the corporate marketing world for over 9 years (in-house marketing teams specifically), I discovered my core values and felt like these corporations didn’t align with what I truly believed in. I wanted to find purpose and to express my creative side through my passion and live a more fulfilling life! 

I hope you enjoy your experience with us and that this is a place you enjoy visiting. 

Big Love,