Plastic-free bread packaging in Australia.

Four easy plastic-free swaps!

It is pretty crazy to think that every piece of plastic ever made still exists. Somewhere! In our oceans, drains, underground. Slowly breaking into micro plastics and taking over our precious earth.

Swapping to plastic-free can seem daunting (I know I get very overwhelmed when I think about it), but if you convert slowly and make one change at a time when you feel ready it can make a huge difference to your plastic consumption. I still have a long way to go, but I try and make a swap when I can. 

Here are four plastic-free alternatives that you can make today! 

Loose leaf tea

Can you believe that most tea bags contain plastics? Little plastic particles being seeped into your warm tea, pretty gross hey. Swapping to a delicious loose leaf tea is a pretty easy swap that won't take much more effort. All you need is a tea strainer or teapot and you are good to go. Gaia Botanica is an amazing brand to try. Each of their teas are created in Australia and developed by qualified naturopaths, and they are in plastic-free packaging. Beautiful amber bottles that will also look great your kitchen. Plastic-free and good for you. Tick and tick!

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Plastic-free loose leaf tea, made in Australia.


Dish soap bars

I converted to a dish soap bar years ago and I am so happy with them. They clean just as well as the old fashioned variety and the thing I really like about the ones I use is that they are non-toxic. I find it strange to wash dishes that we eat off in soap riddled with chemicals. I definitely don't want my daughter eating a bunch of chemicals that can be easily avoided. Urthly Organics have a great variety of bars. All made in Australia using natural ingredients and completely plastic-free. Plus they smell sooooo good! Swap your sponge to a compostable or reusable and you have swapped your washing up to 100% plastic-free. Yay go you!

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Natural dish soap bars, made in Australia.


Reusable bread bag

I don't know about you but we go through soooo many loaves of bread every week. We can't get enough! Swapping to a reusable bread bag is another easy swap. Just carry it in your car along with your other shopping bags and when you need some yummy sourdough you can pick up a fresh loaf from your local bakery or small grocer and use your own bag. It also keeps it nice and fresh in your cupboard. Kindor's bread and product bags are perfect for this. Made from organic linen and made right here in Melbourne.

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Organic linen bread bag.


Natural deodorant

Good for the environment and your pits! An easy swap that you will love. Gone are the days when the only option was sprays and roll-ons from the supermarket - there are so many amazing natural options out there now. Natural options are so much healthier for you skin, they let your pits breath while working hard to reduce odour. Just be prepared for the skin detox when moving to a natural option, it will take a few weeks for those nasty chemicals to leave your body which can also mean some nasty smells too. But you will get to the other side and won't go back! Woohoo deodorant rocks! It is definitely my fave. Packaged in a cardboard tube that can be composed when finished and available in different strengths for different pit needs. And it actually works! 

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Natural deodorant in cardboard packaging.


See how you go with these easy plastic-free swaps and remember every little change helps. 


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