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How to start a gratitude journal

Have you always wanted to start practicing gratitude but you're exactly sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect journal and how to maintain this mindful ritual.

Appreciate the big things, the small things and your amazing life even more by practicing daily gratitude. We have one life and using rituals to start each day with a positive mindset, will help to set you up for an epic day! 

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude is beneficial for the whole family and can:

  • Increase connection with others
  • Increased personal joy
  • More restful sleep
  • Exercising more regularly
  • Reduced symptoms of physical pain

How to pick a gratitude journal:

Are you still deciding what type of journal you would like? There's basically two options; an empty journal that you create as you wish or a gratitude journal filled with prompts.

A blank journal is a fun way to be creative and build your own style, depending on the day, your personality, and how you are feeling. You can add drawings and words wherever you want too.

A journal with prompts is a great way to start as you know what questions to answer as the content is already there. You can still adapt it as you wish by picking what sections to fill out and in what way. Or you can add colours and different fonts to be more creative. 

Our daily gratitude journal was designed to use twice a day for 5 minutes and is filled with prompts to get you in the habit of practicing daily gratitude and reflection. It also have a weekly overview that you can fill out at the start of each week. The internal pages (including the pictures) are in black and white so you can colour in as you please. Click here to learn more. 

Make it a habit:

Make your daily gratitude a habit so you are more likely to keep doing it! Pick a time to sit down and fill it out and try to stick to it. That might be when you are having your morning coffee or as you slip into bed. Soon enough it will become second nature.

Start small:

If you are new to a gratitude journal you can start off small by perhaps answering a few questions the first few days and then slowly adding more to your day. You want this to be a mindful, enjoyable practice so go slow and enjoy.

Add other rituals to this practice for a complete self care package:

A gratitude journal is such a relaxing ritual which you can add other things to it also, such as enjoying your favourite brew or playlist while you are filling it out. 

Leave your journal at arms reach:

Keep your journal with a pen somewhere that you can grab easily. That could be in your bedside table, ready for your morning ritual. 

These handy tips will help you to embrace and keep your daily gratitude practice. Don't forget the most important thing is that you make it enjoyable and create what works for you and your life.

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