Plastic-free kitchen ideas.

Plastic-free kitchen ideas.

Ah the trusty kitchen! A space that holds many joyous occasions and the heart of the home but can also be home to many toxic plastics. Having an organised kitchen reduces stress and makes weekly planning run smoothly. Life is great when your kitchen is stocked with the essentials that make life easier. Reducing plastic in the kitchen doesn't mean you miss out on important tools - there are so many options now to ensure everything is still available to you.

Here are some easy swaps you can adopt in the kitchen that are better for the planet and the health of your family. 

Dish Soap Bar. I love using dish soap bars. They are so versatile and last ages if you store them correctly. Using these can even save you some well earned cash! These bars can be grated to create liquid soap or used as a block and added to a sponge for everyday dish cleaning. Shop our range of dish soap bars.

Eco dish soap block


Scourers. There are so many options now for scourers. I love to use Safix Scrub Pads and the coconut brushes that you can get across many brands. These are available online at some retailers or in some supermarkets and they can go straight into your home compost once you have finished with them.

Wash Cloths. Swap plastic wash cloths for reusable cotton or bamboo versions. These will last longer plus will save you money in the long run. Shop our wash cloths here.

Plastic-free eco wash cloth

Glass Containers. Plastic cling wrap and other plastic covers are just not needed. Reuse your glass jars or use glass containers to store food in the fridge or freezer. 

Bread and Produce Bags. Buying from bulk food stores where you can and storing product and bread in bags is a great plastic-free swap to keep your food fresh and protected. Created from natural materials so not to spoil food. Shop our bread and produce bags here.

Slowly changing to some of these plastic-free options in the kitchen will help you move to a more sustainable way of living and soon enough they will just become part of your lifestyle.

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